BOOTUP Technology Support Rates

BOOTUP Technology Support Rates

What we charge…

Many issues are resolved within the first hour!

Jobs that take longer than an hour may be billed a flat rate.

We explain our methods so you avoid repeat calls for the same support issue.

When you call for support…

We will determine the best method of support available to you based on the technical issues you are experiencing. In some cases, there may be no charge for support if it happens to be a simple fix that can be implemented quickly by the customer.  E.g. restarting computer resolves issue!

How we charge for support…

Each new support call is charged a minimum of 1 hour and that includes diagnostics. Support calls longer than one hour are charged in 15 minute increments.

Pre-Paid Tech Support

Our rates for pre-paid technical support and services are based on a few factors.

  • Size and complexity of the technology setup,
  • Number of individuals that require support,
  • Anticipated volume of support calls.

Since every request has different needs, please contact us for a free quote.

We offer special pricing for non-profit organizations and individuals with special needs.

Payment Options

We will email you a detailed invoice on completion of the support job.  You have the option to pay us either by credit or debit card (processed by PayPal), etransfer (refer to invoice for etransfer details) or invoice and cheque depending on the job.

Paying Invoice using Credit or debit Card (Paypal)

If you are paying your invoice with a credit or debit card, your invoice amount will include a 3% PayPal admin charge.

Enter the invoice number in the field below, click “Pay Now” and you will be redirected to Paypal’s page where you can enter the full amount of the invoice you are paying.

When paying using Paypal, it is not necessary to have a Paypal account as you can use the “Checkout as Guest” option to enter your email address (for receipt) and payment details. 

Enter Invoice #:

Paying for Remote Support using Credit or debit Card (Paypal)

Here you can pay using your credit or debit card.  When paying using Paypal, it is not necessary to have a Paypal account as you can use the “Checkout as Guest” option.  Just enter the email address you would like your receipt delivered to.

Select Amount of Remote Support Minutes (Taxes extra)