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BOOTUP Technology provides a wide array of computer services and support that range from single computer help calls to more encompassing services that involve regular pre-paid tech support.  See our list of tech support services.

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Pre-Paid Tech Support

With pre-paid technical support:

  • We guarantee a level of service, response time and quality that agrees with your technical requirements and schedules.
  • Anticipate issues instead of just reacting to them. As you know, everything works better when it is properly maintained.
  • Free your time by hiring us to act as your main point-of-contact for all your technical support issues.
  • Provide technical expertise that you benefit from with our years of professional experience and friendly support.

As your technology demands change, we can adjust the level of service that suits your technology requirements and expectations.

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List of Tech Support Services:

Do you think your computer or mobile device is infected with a virus or spyware? Symptoms include; slow performance, takes forever to startup, strange icons appear on your screen, your browser home page gets redirected, your device’s cpu is 100%, many of your programs stop working for no apparent reason, etc.  Request Support Now!

Keep your computer safe!  Bootup Technology will review and recommend security measures that can be performed and/or installed to keep your computer safe based on your computer needs.  You must have regularly updated security software running in the background at all times.  Your computer could be working for a criminal instead of for you.  Trojans, worms, and other malicious software can take over your device, stealing your logon names, passwords, and bank account numbers, or even hijack it to attack other computers and networks.

Receive professional computer support for all makes of computers for both residential and commercial use from Bootup Technology.  We offer quality support at competitive rates by phone, email, online or onsite.

BOOTUP Technology provides customized 1-0n-1 training for popular client applications and technologies.  Learn new ways to take advantage of technology and share your new found knowledge with others in your work place.  The training we provide is geared for those with busy schedules. Identify 3 to 5 key training points that you would like to learn as this will help guide the learning process. When scheduling a training session, be sure to block time off your calendar when you are able to focus best with less distractions.

You’ve invested significant time in creating your data – now it’s time to backup your files and test your backup recovery skills.  Don’t wait to learn that you’ve lost important files, pictures, contacts all due to a misconfigured backup.  Get your computer backing up your files every day and remember to always test your backup jobs.

Bootup Technology provides support for new and existing domain names and website hosting accounts.  Are you just getting started and need to select a domain name for your new website?   Call us first for helpful recommendations that will give your business an online boost!

Reduce unsolicited email messages by setting up email filters and email server configurations properly.  Learn how to identify illegitmate email spammers and gather the necessary information needed for reporting if necessary.  We will also show you other helpful ways to combat spam.

If you’re experiencing server issues or need help with buying or setting up a server for your office or home, we can help.  We have 25+ years supporting all types of servers that can meet your budget and functional requirements.

Did you know that most default fireware and router setups are wide open and insecure?  Unfortunately, this is often the case even with many Internet Service Provider routers.  Your services may be free to anyone to use anytime they want and it may be costing you money at the end of the month or worst if they have unscrupulous intentions.  Bootup Technology will take the time needed to secure your equipment as needed.

BOOTUP Technology provides general technical support for a wide variety of hardware devices and software. With the fast paced of technology, your coffee maker may soon need a reboot after a java update!

With so many options on the market today, it can certainly be challenging to decide on the best direction.  Your vendor tells you one thing and consumer reports another.  We will help you answer some basic questions you need to ask before you make your purchase. Questions answered such as; vendor credibility, reliability, scalability and portability can save a lot of trouble should you ever wish to switch vendors or upgrade.

With the latest advancement in healthcare and technology, many individuals welcome the added benefits and are experiencing a new found of independence and security provided by these new health care products.  With any new technology, sometimes it takes a helping-hand to get things setup in the beginning.  Contact Bootup Technology for help.

If your internet service appears slow or you’re experiencing random connection issues then its quite possible that you are experiencing hardware issues, network congestion or simply poor ISP service.  Contacting your ISP is a good start and they may be able to help but chances are they’ll only find that everything is working great on their end!  Call us, we can help!

Finish your IT Projects with less administration, less distraction for less money.  We provide complete end-to-end project planning and execution of your IT project.  As the project progresses, we document the project, communicate status to you in the manner and frequency of your choosing, and maintain accountabilities.  By providing practical guidance and assistance, you can be assured your project expectations will be met.

Before you call, check your warranty status and see if your entitled to free support from the manufacturer.  If not, then give us a call and we will arrange a time to help you with your mobile device including; device setup and configuration, troubleshooting connectivity issues, backing up personal content, exporting text messages, device resets and more.

Bootup Technology offers monthly IT Support Plans that guarantee a level of service, response time and quality that agrees with your technical requirements and schedules.  Free your time by hiring us to act as your main point-of-contact for all your technical support issues.  We anticipate issues instead of just reacting to them and will ensure your equipment is being maintained in a timely manner.

Is your office network experiencing issues that need fixed asap?  Troubleshooting office network issues can be difficult when you don’t know where to start or who to call.  Having a clear understanding of the network layout is very important before making any changes. We can troubleshoot and resolve the issues you’re experiencing and provide a full network diagnostic that includes highly recommended best-practices on running a secure and reliable office network.

Smart TV’s need support?  The Smart TV is more than a TV today.  For some, its a second computer monitor, just larger.  Like computers, the smart tv software needs tuned up to deliver the features you purchased and comes packed with all sorts of options for connecting to your home network and other media devices.  Schedule a call with Bootup Technology for support but remember to check with the manufacturer first for any free warranty support available to you.

Many software installs are straight forward, right?  If not, we can provide assistance in preparing your system prior to a software installation and recover your computer should the install fail and cause your computer issues.

Many people learn after-the-fact that their technology had costly deficiencies that could have been easily prevented if they had consulted with an expert first.  Gain valuable insight by requesting a second opinion before the purchase!

Need a new website?  We specialize in building affordable websites that provide the latest features and functions needed to advertise your goods and services.  If you have an existing website that needs updating or are interested in starting a new site or just need general internet support, then give us a call.  Let us sort out the website details for you.

All websites require regular maintenance to function properly.  At Bootup Technology, we offer website maintenance service plans that meet your needs and keep your site running problem free.  If you’re looking to establish an online presence for your business and need help in getting started, contact Bootup Technology today.

Did you find the support you’re looking for?  If not, it doesn’t mean we can’t help.

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