Remote Computer Support When Working from Home

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Here are just a few things to consider when working from home and remotely connecting to your office computer.

Remoting in From Home

You’ll require a fast internet connection. Not normally a problem these days but uploading large files from home to work may take some time depending on your ISP’s uptime speeds. If uploading becomes problematic you may need to consider upgrading your internet service.

Connecting directly to your router is preferred over wifi for faster internet and a more secure connection at home. Your router and wifi should be secured and configured with your own passwords and not the default settings. Separating your work home network from your home devices is always a good idea security wise and can help if fine tuning your bandwidth performance needs becomes necessary.

If you decide to work out of the home using a public wifi service, you should strongly consider using a reputable VPN service. VPN can have a minor impact on your internet bandwidth but its well worth the added security when using a public internet connection.

Connecting to your Office Computer

If your work has not already provided you with the remote desktop software required then you do have plenty of free and paid options. Windows 10 offers a free remote desktop service but requires a fair amount of configuration for the average user. When you choose a remote desktop software, select those that have a good reputation, as well as, offer two factor authentication.

When you’re setting up your remote connection software you need to consider how you’ve configured access on the remote host computer while remoted in. You want the remote computer keyboard locked and possibly the display blacked out to avoid displaying confidential information on the remote computer screen.

When you’re ready to disconnect, remember to lock or logout of the remote office computer before disconnecting your remote computer session. Most remote desktop software will do this for you but some may need to be told or you simply do it yourself.

Getting Help with Remote Computer Support

Contact us at Bootup Technology and we will help you get your remote office computer connection setup quickly and securely.