Bootup Technology Support Rates

  • Many issues are resolved within the first hour!
  • Jobs that take longer than an hour may be billed a flat rate.
  • We explain our methods so you avoid repeat calls for the same support issue.

When you call for support…

We will determine the best method of support available to you based on the technical issues you are experiencing.  In some cases, it’s a simple fix  that can be implemented by the customer without a support call charge.

How we charge for support…

Each new support call is charged a minimum of 1 hour and that includes diagnostics.  Support calls longer than one hour are charged in 15 minute increments.  See, “Payments” for a list of payment options available to you or contact us should you have any other questions.

Bootup Technology Payments

Our Pre-Paid Support Rates

Our rates for pre-paid technical support and services are based on a few factors.

– Size and complexity of the technology setup,

– Number of individuals that require support,

– Anticipated volume of support calls.

– Since every request has different needs, please contact us for a free estimate.

We offer special pricing for non-profit organizations and individuals with special needs.

Pre-paid Bootup Technology Support

With pre-paid technical support, we guarantee a level of service, response time and quality that agrees with your technical requirements and schedules.

Anticipate issues instead of just reacting to them. As you know, everything works better when it is properly maintained.

Free your time by hiring us to act as your main point-of-contact for all your technical support issues.

Access technical expertise and benefit from our professional experience and friendly support.

As your technology demands change, we can adjust the level of service that suits your technology requirements and expectations.

Bootup Technology Guarantee

Bootup Technology Satisfaction GuaranteedBOOTUP Technology agrees to provide you, the customer, with the very best service and support possible.  BOOTUP Technology will address your request for service or support using commercially reasonable efforts in providing appropriate solutions.  BOOTUP Technology respects your privacy as per BOOTUP Technology’s Privacy Policy.

BOOTUP Technology takes pride in the quality of our service we provide to you and strive to deliver a resolution that works.  That is our guarantee to you!

Please review our “Terms of Service“.

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