Feb 252013

When you use a wireless router or access point to create a wireless network, you trade wired connectivity for connectivity delivered via a radio signal. Unless you secure this signal, strangers can piggyback on your internet connection or, worse, monitor your online activity or access files on your hard drive.

By taking the following actions, you can help secure your wireless network against these threats…

1. Change the default system ID of your wireless access point or router.

2. Change the default password for your system.

3. Turn off identifier broadcasting.

4. Encrypt wireless communications with the strongest encryption available. (WPA-based encryption offers better protection than WEP-based encryption.)

5. Use your router’s built-in firewall policy to specify devices allowed to access your network.

6. Keep your wireless system patched and up to date.

7. Monitor your data usage regularly for unusual amounts of data being downloaded.