Remote Bootup Tech Support


Save time and effort by contacting Bootup Technology to schedule a remote computer support session.

Contact Bootup Remote Support

  • Remote Support program is easy to run with no install or special settings required.
  • You have total control during the remote support session and can disconnect anytime.
  • The remote session does not leave any files on your computer when session is terminated.
  • You only pay for the actual connection time!
  • Watch and learn as we fix your computer!

Download Remote Support

The remote support program “bootup_support.exe” is used to securely connect to your computer.

This program has been registered with Norton Security and is safe to use.  “See Norton Safe report…

Click on “Remote Support” and select the option to “Run”.

Windows will block the file due to unknown publisher.  Click on “Actions”, “More Options” and “Run Anyway” to allow Windows to run the program.

Remote Tech Support

Connect to Bootup Remote Support

After you run the program, click “Connect” as shown in the picture below and Bootup Support will connect to your desktop.
Remote Bootup Tech Support

Once we have finished fixing your computer, the remote session is terminated.  If we lose the connection, please re-connect.